What this Blog is about

I'm a hard working female that happens to live in the Midwest, USA. I'm not trying to have every one think like me, but I would like everyone to think about saving money and at the same time you can help save energy. This blog is things I have seen or come up with to do just that.

Our nation has become so disposable from pets - energy and now that things are tough we all would like to know how to hold on to more of our cash. This blog has things I have come up with or things that I have heard of doing and we do them in our home so I know they work and I'm willing to share my ideas and other people's ideas that can work in our every day life. Some, ideas don't take much time or little or no money, then some take more time then others or money then what you have. That's when I try and put on my thinking hat, with every day things how can I save money, or how can I not pay out so much for home gas, electric or even gas in my car. Now I hate to pay out money for bills so my husband pay's the bills but I'm the only one working so I want every penny to count.

Example to make you think:

I purchased a package of socks for my son they were about $6 for 8 pairs, the first week all of his socks that had been wore one time all had holes in the heal. It was cool to not tie your shoes so it put holes in each pair. I put it to him like this let's say I made $12 an hour at work, I worked 1/2 hour at work just for your sock that only lasted you one week. That's sad how disposable things are to most teens. So after the first week of school he had to live with holes in his socks or buy his own. You can do this with any bill see how many hours of work it takes you to pay that bill or for that meal you just ate. You will be surprised and see that every penny adds up.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fall Window Cleaning

Clean Air
Help With Seasonal Blues

1. Wash windows with white vinegar and tap water in a spray bottle, that's marked with what's in it. Dry them using old sheet rags that can be wash and dried, then used over and over.

2. Wash windows inside and out checking for and missing caulking, replace any missing caulking as you go. Don't forget to wash the bottom of the window sill, using a damp rag with just tap water.

3. Leave screens out if you can, mark all at top outside with permanent marker so you know where they came from. (example) Kit 1, Kit 2 or Bed A, 1 when you walk in to the room looking left to right giving each window a #. Put all screens in a safe place until next spring. Leave one window or door in each room until late fall.